The wining combat of the ice age

Egna dikter och noveller, eller andras.

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The wining combat of the ice age

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While the mindscape took in, the foreign mental statement,
took over a helicopter, the prospect of a photo whie the coast reach so far,
We have to evacuate and destroy every singel statement and thought.
Why is the man so lojal jee becouse he want them (us) to trust him.
Just pull in this, injectium av arsenit and let die in calm peace.
Every anus erectum is counted, And from the hidden steak and agenda,
like every hair strap that is taken in vain while approvoce ETT TUSAN times harder
strike above the neck of the non belivers and we all be THe champions, these,
parallell of extasy reminds me of B O O B S.......

Så bring out the real boobs. Every development counts, The hardening of the climate creats fear.
And fear pull front these automatic weapons. To adjustere o plan a secret plan,
Lets say that one strike can be fatal, the what up with two times, and nver mind 3 times.
THen the keeper runs in, and fool them in the Elven bath, U are a human beeing, to rules
is to you not the opposite. U create your own life, with the prospect of ice age.....
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